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Has mail not arrived in your Traveling Mailbox? We have a listed a few possible reasons below. Please take a look at these and if you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

1) Have you redirected your mail to us?

Upon subscribing and after completing the USPS Form 1583, please ensure that you issue a change of address online at USPS.com (recommended) or by visiting the local post office. Note: If you plan to leave the United States, please issue a change of address BEFORE you leave the U.S.

Upon issuing a change of address online at USPS.com, your mail will automatically be redirected to us. This can process take several weeks before mail starts appearing in your Traveling Mailbox. Note: If you want to speed things up even faster, we recommend contacting senders of your mail and update your address with them to your Traveling Mailbox Address directly.

Please note that your change of address needs to contain your full address including your mailbox number as given to you in your welcome email from Traveling Mailbox. If you need assistance with getting your change of address to process at USPS, please contact us via Chat or Phone and we can assist.

2) My item is showing delivered, but is not yet viewable in my Traveling Mailbox.

If your item has tracking and is showing delivered, it may be that we have simply not had a chance to process it and upload it to your account. If your item was delivered to a Premium Address, there will be a slight delay (usually around 2 days) while we reroute your items to our processing facility in NC. We scan all of our mail in our facility to protect your mail and ensure that the service is consistent, reliable and safety of your postal mail. All of your mail is processed under video surveillance by Traveling Mailbox team members only.

A few other tips. We recommend simply updating senders of your mail with your Traveling Mailbox Address. Having your mail sent directly to us will help to speed the delivery of your mail up. It is also very important to include your full address on your mail including your mailbox number. Missing information can slow things down and potentially cause your mail to not be routed to us properly.

If you still need assistance with receiving your mail, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be glad to assist you. We are available via Live Chat, Email (Support@TravelingMailbox.com) and Phone at 855-749-1737.

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